1010’s 3D Art on Display

Hang on, did I just hear you say that you wanted your mind to be blown? Cool, ok, well this vibrant green and blue portal to another dimension (I’m guessing) is SPRAY PAINTED onto the wall! I was 100% quite convinced that it was a paper sculpture of some kind; a laser cut, layered piece that came off the wall. It is….. not that at all and is instead a precisely engineered spray painting. The depth and illusion of space that 1010 (pronounced ten ten) created in this piece is visually astounding. For an idea so simple, it really holds your attention and keeps bringing your eye back to its dark depths.


The piece is part of 1010’s first US solo show at the Hashimoto Contemporary Gallery; 1010 is a German street artist and is in fact best known for painting these exact kinds of portals on the walls of buildings in Hamburg. 1010 begins each of these portals at the center and works systematically wider and lighter until he reaches the outer rings of these cosmic aberrations. The vivid colors juxtaposed with the white walls of a gallery or the gray walls of an abandoned building help to further transport the viewer into another dimension, somewhere far away from reality.

16_DSC9185 17_DSC9186 18_DSC9187 19_DSC9188 20_DSC9191 24_DSC9244

The artist also explores the same ideas of space and depth in smaller, framed works made specifically for the gallery. They’re hypnotic and calming in their repetitiveness and shape; these are the kind of rabbit hole I wouldn’t mind falling down.



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