Blu’s latest mural comes with a strong statement

After a long vacation, street artist Blu came back to work with a massive new piece of street art in Rome, Italy. Located at Casa Dei Pazzi, the painting depicts Earth’s history in a spiraling timeline moving upward. It starts with Earth’s simplest life-forms and moves us through every major period of evolutionary history. Man makes his debut toward the top of spiral as it transitions to a bright shade of yellow. And at the very end of the spiral, the artist makes his punchline vividly clear with the spiral crumbling to destruction at the hands of humanity.

The piece is a straightforward reminder of the global problem in front of us today and the consequence of inaction. The painting was completed without a lift. Instead, the artist used a rope and rappelling against the wall to complete his dystopic forewarning. [h/t]R7TEmeW014 016 12081048_532447963569487_2145667710_n 12112400_1007224776007670_5996081031223148470_n 12119121_1005003429563138_1874674131927653731_n 12193554_1007224722674342_4085811798397819587_n sT3V6gt