Eddie Colla, Street Artist

Eddie Colla is one of the popular artists in the Bay Area street art scene. He has a new show opening called, “Atavisms”, which starts August 22 at the Ian Ross Gallery.

Street Artist Eddie Colla detail-sq tumblr_na7w70b0B41r7l28fo2_1280 tumblr_na7w70b0B41r7l28fo4_1280 tumblr_na7w70b0B41r7l28fo5_1280 tumblr_na7w70b0B41r7l28fo6_500 tumblr_na7w70b0B41r7l28fo7_500 tumblr_na7w70b0B41r7l28fo8_500 tumblr_na7w70b0B41r7l28fo9_1280 tumblr_na7w70b0B41r7l28fo10_500

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