Murals in chalk by Philippe Baudelocque

As temporary as the medium is, French artist Philippe Baudelocque enjoys using chalk and white oil pastels to draw large murals of animals you can find all across Paris. Each one is created from a multitude of fragments filled with geometric patterns and starry patterns. The fragments themselves swirl and outline areas such as the protrusion of a shoulder blade or the furrow of a brow. Against the matte black background on which the animals are painted, they almost appear like constellations in the night sky.

Baudelocque studied at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris and graduated in 2002. He first discovered his white chalk drawing style several years ago on the façade of a boutique, in a street in the Marais. [h/t]

Philippe-Baudelocque-Street-Art-1 Philippe-Baudelocque-Street-Art-4 Philippe-Baudelocque-Street-Art-5 Philippe-Baudelocque-Street-Art-6 Philippe-Baudelocque-Street-Art-7 Philippe-Baudelocque-Street-Art-8 Philippe-Baudelocque-Street-Art-9 Philippe-Baudelocque-Street-Art-11 Philippe-Baudelocque-Street-Art-12