Provoking the imagination with Viktoria Georgieva

I am guided by the imagination and the things that it provokes in each of us. Each new work is a new inspiration. Еthnography, history, science-they all give me inspiration. Mysticism and symbolism give me a boost. I like to mix found objects, different textures, to experiment with various materials. I like the idea of spatiality, shape and color – they are ancillary elements as in my installations and street art works, paintings and illustrations. My goal is to reduce, to establishing a meaningful and aesthetic issues and provoke the imagination.

I find inspiration both in nature and in urban space. I ponder my idea of self-sufficient in a more stark and encapsulated environment; or do I need a dynamic – searching for a balance in-between. My creations are dictated also by the expression and analytical abilities. My first inspirations come from surrealism,symbolism, pop art, futurism, naive, cartoon. ~Viktoria Georgievazz+(1)But street art is also a mission. For me it is a vision of urban space and environment and the act of instilling life into it. This is also one of the most collaborative works which I’ve done. I love to travel, to meet new artists and people who enrich my horizons. I like to leave traces behind and find new inspirations.DSC_00855DSC_0071KKK1zzzz+(4) 2aa 1112 2014+(4) kkkk+(4)mmmm+(2) lovers +veliko+tarnovo,bulgaria,2013 PAPERR+(2) PAPERR+(4)1zzzz+(5)