Serene murals of women painted above the tide line by Sean Yoro

Along with paint cans, artist Sean Yoro (aka Hula) also uses a paddle board as one of his essential tools for creating public artworks. That’s because the New York-based artist paints his murals just above sea level. The murals themselves are hyper-realistic depictions of women, their gaze usually lost in pensive thought, and their figures just partially exposed above the water as if the rest of their bodies were submerged.

Hula paints the murals by paddling out on water with his acrylic paint cans balanced onboard. The artist grew up on the island of Oahu spending much of his time in the ocean. While Hula grew up dabbling with graffiti, watercolor painting, and tattoo art, he only began seriously pursuing his art career when he began painting the human form at the age of 21. you can find more of his works on his Instagram, @the_hula.  [h/t]