Street artist INO creates new work about Greek crisis in Gaeta, Italy

The popular Greek street artist INO has created two new pieces as part of the Memorie Urbane Street Art Festival in Gaeta. Depicting masks from Greek tragedies that have been sliced down the middle to appear fragmented, INO aims to make a statement about Greece’s current financial crisis, and its relationship to the country’s rich history. The pieces took several days to complete, with a team of artists getting involved in order to finish in time for the festival.

The striking images are at once both classical and abstract, and dominate the buildings on which they have been painted – including one school where the Greek language is still taught. Contrasting past and present, they are a powerful addition to the art currently on show in Gaeta. [h/t]

001_INO_Memorie_Urbane_Italy_2015 002_INO_Flavia_Fiengo_foto_Memorie_Urbane_Fondi_2015 003_INO_Arianna_Barone_foto_Memorie_Urbane_Fondi_2015

004_INO_Arianna_Barone_foto_Memorie_Urbane_Fondi_2015 4_INO_2015_Gaeta_FlaviaFiengo_foto-4 6INO_2015_Gaeta_FlaviaFiengo_foto-5 007_Martha_Cooper_INO_Memorie_Urbane_Italy_2015