Undersides of bridges by Floriane de Lasée

In the simple act of turning our familiar world upside down, Paris-based photographer, Floriane de Lasée, turns once recognizable bridges into vertigo-inducing abstract forms. The artist roams Europe and Asia to find and catalogue the undersides of bridges. Then challenges our sense of gravity by making water become sky. Metal and concrete that once hovered in air now become our foundation for the frame.

From the artist’s website: “Some bridges and tunnels appear as so many stones locked in vaults without ends ; others are transformed into the track of a roller coaster. Under a water sky, clouds swirl become. Parisian bridges are a must for romantic ballads. Under these ones flows la Seine. Below, it belongs to those left behind.” [h/t: thecreatorsproject.vice.com]6a8dd59ed109f91e022df9092d0fc3f8 7e82b395a4a44be480f9871b7b15852f 7ed977e203ff1c909c719c3fd6fd50d9 23eb82418516053c7cfafe27f46300b2 32d2f63602475c13f270fd361396699f 85d8a8382ded93892266be5b7e89b16f f1981a7d2a984de6a825652ef6da7941