World’s largest mural is painted in Norway by Ella & Pitr

French artist duo Ella & Pitr recently created the world’s largest mural in Norway for NuArt 2015. The mural sits on the roof of the Block Berge Bygg construction company building in Klepp, Rogaland. The piece is titled Lilith and Olaf and features a girl, curled up and dropping a small king from her hand. The king is a depiction of King Olaf I of Norway who was born just meters away from the mural.

The 21,000 square meter work was completed in just four days using an army of volunteers. Even the Guinness Book of World Records was involved to record the feat. The finished mural is now visible from planes flying to and from nearby Sola airport. Control tower staff, pilots and aircraft crew at Sola have already begun altering their routes to give passengers the best possible sight of the work. [h/t]ella-pitr-nuart-festival-norway-largest-mural-in-the-world-designboom-02 ella-pitr-nuart-festival-norway-largest-mural-in-the-world-designboom-03 ella-pitr-nuart-festival-norway-largest-mural-in-the-world-designboom-04 ella-pitr-nuart-festival-norway-largest-mural-in-the-world-designboom-06 ella-pitr-nuart-festival-norway-largest-mural-in-the-world-designboom-07 ella-pitr-nuart-festival-norway-largest-mural-in-the-world-designboom-08