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John Grade – Sculpture

Artist, John Grade‘s inspiring sculptures are generally built from natural materials like wood, plant based resins, or clay. The works are not just about the sculptures themselves, but also about the process of their eventual decay.    modern artists, sculpture via emptykingdom.com

Flóra Borsi’s Digital Photography

Artist Flóra Borsi, from Budapest, is a recognized up-and-comer in the digital photography world. Borsi likes to try to create photos that are physically impossible while keeping them artistically appealing. She rather communicate emotions and modes of seeing things, to inspire, rather than just shocking the audience with special effects. We...

Paintings from James Tissot

Sometime there can be no better place to find art inspiration than a past great. Today we look back at the work of James Tissot — who’s earlier work leaned towards Romantic and medieval themes, and later shifted to oriental, historical pictures, portraits, and scenes of contemporary life, usually featuring very elegantly dressed...

Surreal Artwork from Patrick Gonzales


Patrick Gonzales is a painter, photographer and digital artist. His surreal artwork is a combination of memories, dreams and fantasy. Gonzales, who lives in France, began painting when he was 15. He started by recreating the paintings of others while slowly developing his own style.

Award Wining Illustrations by Jared Muralt

Award Wining Illustrations by Jared Muralt

These award wining illustrations are from a Penguin edition of the classic book, Moby Dick released China. They were done by Jared Muralt, a Swiss artist who is primarily self-taught and developed his artistic skill by carefully studying books in anatomy, art history, and comics. Muralt is a founder of BlackYard studio.