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Anka Zhuravleva – Photography

This bit of inspirational photography is by Anka Zhuravleva – who trained as an architect in Russia before life events led her into modeling. A little later drown the road, after doing oil painting for a few years, she discovered that photographer was her true passion.

Peter Stewart – Photography

Peter Stewart does travel photography, traveling the world, taking stunning shots of landscapes and cityscapes. The Australian born photographer had no experienced before he started playing with a camera about five years ago. This series of colorful building facades was taken in Hong Kong.

Sham Enbashi – Photography

These photographs are by Sham Enbashi, who works for an Architectural and Design firm called LOCI, based in Dubai. “I get the muse out of observing life around me, taking subconscious mental notes and reflecting what I see into visual interpretation.”

Bernhard Lang – Photography

This colorful aerial photography was done by German photographer Bernhard Lang. These shots are of beaches on the Adriatic Sea, and it’s really a birds eye view – as they were taken from the height that birds fly. Lang calls the series, Aerial Views Adria.  

David LaChapelle – Photography

This modern take on the traditional flower basket painting, come by way of David LaChapelle – who’s photography career officially began when he as hired by Andy Warhol. He’s done advertising campaigns, photographed tons of celebrities, and his photographs have appeared on the cover of just about every magazine.    via...

Jacques Szymanski – Photography

Photography French photographer Jacques Szymanski takes spontaneous pictures while he travels about and emerges himself into the surrounding culture. His preference is photography of  actual occurrences which he comes across rather than staging photo-shots. The results are shoots that would be impossible to stage.