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Famous Abstract Artists

Famous Abstract Artists

For this edition of our AIA favorites series, we look at the 10 most famous abstract artists. The famous abstract artists of the mid 1900s emphasized color and structure without depicting natural forms or models. In abstract painting, artwork becomes an autonomous reality, and a connection to the natural world is abandoned for a visual language...

Amazing Latte Sculptures

Amazing Latte Sculputures

Kazuki Yamamoto is a latte artist, making amazing sculptures with the foam.  And this is not your typical smiley face an occasional person at the Starbucks can do…Kazuki’s ability to create different forms seems almost endless. via [amusing planet]

Famous Contemporary Artists at Art Basel

art basel

The Art  Basel show started back in the 1970s and it’s grown. This year the show featured over 4 billions dollars of original pieces and over 300 galleries featuring some of the most famous contemporary artists of the day.  We will feature some of the artist form Art Basel over the next couple of days. Here’s a sampling of some of...