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The Freestyle Art of SCHILANZER

Hello Artists Inspire Artists, We are SCHILANZER, team of two artists/photographers. We are HK Schilanzer and MK Schilanzer. We are travellers, currently in Paris, France but both born and raised in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Schilanzer art has no particular style, we prefer to call it freestyle art made on photography basis. Schilanzer technique...

Lola Dupré – Collage

Irish artist, Lola Dupré does her shattered collages completely by hand, using good old fashion glues and scissors. The super talented Lola has been commissioned by Nike, New York Magazine, and Doubleday & Cartwright among others. The photo manipulations at the end of the post were done as a collaboration with photographer, Lisa Carletta.     

Michael Mapes – Collage Sculptures

The great thing about American artist, Michael Mapes‘ collage sculptures is that they provide two distinct visual experiences – when you stand back you get the larger picture, the grand portrait – and when you get up close, you get lost in all the intricacies of the individual, tiny objects making up piece.