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Lola Dupré – Collage

Irish artist, Lola Dupré does her shattered collages completely by hand, using good old fashion glues and scissors. The super talented Lola has been commissioned by Nike, New York Magazine, and Doubleday & Cartwright among others. The photo manipulations at the end of the post were done as a collaboration with photographer, Lisa Carletta.     

Eugenia’s Collages

Eugenia's Collages

Eugenia is originally from Greece, but now lives in the States.  She’s been a nurse, a computer programmer, a journalist, and then she got hooked on making collage art. Eugenia was heavily inspired by the work of Kieron Cropper.

Collage Art by David Delruelle

David Delruelle is a collage artist from Brussels. David combes flea markets and used book stores looking for stuff to deconstruct and rebuild. He tries to combine elements that have a sense of opposition on one level and coherence on another. His work is often tinged with a sense of humor and a bit of irony.