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The deconstructive collages of Milo Matthieu

My collages are a process of discovery. I start with one photo then the work goes through a kind of metamorphosis, that causes all of the elements of that collage to come alive. It could start with any kind of photo- I begin to manipulate the photo and add color. I’ve always been very sensitive to color- it’s very important to me. The...

The Dynamic Collages of Patrick Bremer

Like many contemporary artists, Patrick Bremer has flocked to Berlin and called it home. This citadel of contemporary art allows artists like Bremer to flourish, and since making the move from the UK, where he studied painting at the Wimbledon School of Arts in London, his career in collage has taken off. Fundamental to Bremer’s approach is...

The Vibrant Collages of Maike Lüdenbach

Hello everyone! My name is Maike Lüdenbach, and I’m an artist based in Vienna, Austria who has chosen collage and working with different materials as my main artistic form to express myself. Trough meticulously cutting out different images from old lexicons or high end fashion magazines, I try to absorb the actual social agenda...

Eugenia’s Collages

Eugenia's Collages

Eugenia is originally from Greece, but now lives in the States.  She’s been a nurse, a computer programmer, a journalist, and then she got hooked on making collage art. Eugenia was heavily inspired by the work of Kieron Cropper.