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London Art Week Starts This Weekend

London Art Week starts things off this weekend, so we though we’d give a glimpse of what’s on display. The event is actually the combining of two popular art events going on at the time…so there’s lots to see. Giovanni di Benedetto Bandini, called Giovanni dell’Opera (1540-99): A Seated Male Saint. Photograph:...

Awesome Mosaic Art by Sandhi Schimmel

Sandhi Schimmel has found a use for all that annoying junk mail that plagues our mailboxes! She creates the incredible mosaic art pieces, using non-toxic materials of course. Make sure to take a look at Sandhi’s website for more of her amazing work. (She also does custom portraits if you’d be interested in having one done). So as...

Creative Hendrix Mosaic Portrait by Ed Chapman

I thought this was very creative and just all around awesome. A man by the name of Ed Chapman created this mosaic of Jimi Hendrix out of 5000 Fender plectrums. The portrait later sold for $32,140 at Abbey Road Studios in London for the Cancer Research’s Sound and Vision Fundraiser. View much more of Chapman’s artwork on his website!