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Luke Fenech – Graphic Art

Luke Fenech is an illustrator out of London. He’s done graphic art for all sorts of print publications, product companies, and online publications too… like Wired, American Apparel, Studio Toogood, and Wallpaper. GRAPHIC ART

Anna Paschenko – Graphic Art, Illustrations

GRAPHIC ART, ILLUSTRATIONS Freelance designer, Anna Paschenko was tasked with creating a 3D city which was to be used for an app. She designed the different buildings, people  and all their little items. “I need minimum environment to do my work: iMac and Wacom that’s my creative factory :) The software I prefer are Photoshop and...

Jason Lamb – Illustrations

ILLUSTRATIONS Jason Lamb is a graduate of architectural school in London. Lamb chose for his main thesis project to come up with what a “fracking town” might look like (ie a town built around fracking, with lots of urban farming thrown in for good measure), and so he created these illustrations depicting it. Though it’s meant...

Victo Ngai – Illustrations

illustrations These fantastically intricate illustrations are by Victo Ngai, a professional illustrator who is originally from Hong Kong but now lives in New York. She’s done illustrations for about every company on the planet and is a former student of Rhode Island School of Design where she majored in illustration.  

Digital Illustrations – Ari Weinkle’s

In Ari Weinkle‘s illustrations he tries to re-appropriate forms for his own ascetic purposes, often uniquely juxtaposing and contrasting them together. Ari is a senior designer for Icon Interactive in Boston.  This series of illustrations is a group of digital portraits meant to represent different states of consciousness. “My...

Illustrations – Gideon Kiefer

We take a look at some illustrations by Belgian artists, Gideon Kiefer – whose intriguing and slight mysterious artwork has been displayed all over the globe. “Life inspires me the most. Ideas come to me all the time, while sitting on the train or when I hear a certain song. That’s why I always carry a little notebook with me...

Award Wining Illustrations by Jared Muralt

Award Wining Illustrations by Jared Muralt

These award wining illustrations are from a Penguin edition of the classic book, Moby Dick released China. They were done by Jared Muralt, a Swiss artist who is primarily self-taught and developed his artistic skill by carefully studying books in anatomy, art history, and comics. Muralt is a founder of BlackYard studio.