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Dale vN Marshall – Abstract Paintings

PAINTINGS Arrestedmotion.com has a great article featuring former graffiti artist Dale vN Marshal, who will be displaying paintings at the  Soze Gallery in the near future. In very a Jackson Pollock way, Marshall’s abstract paintings reflect his battles with mental health.  

Mickalene Thomas – Modern Paintings

Modern Paintings Mickalene Thomas‘s paintings are often on the elaborate side.  She combines landscape, portraiture, and still life to touch on what it is to be a woman.  Thomas went to the Yale University School of Art and held residency at the Studio Museum in Harlem and at the Versailles Foundation in France.      

Ian Sidway – Paintings

Ian Sidway - Paintings

Ian Sidway is British painter who spent many of his early years writing and teaching. He now spends his time painting landscapes using a bunch of different materials, but primarily sticks to watercolor and acrylic.  

Joel Rea – Paintings


Joel Rea considers himself a Contemporary Surrealist Painter. He is from Australia and has won a bunch of awards for his work. His hyperrealistic paintings explore the duality of nature – how it can be both a destructive and creative force. Joel will be exhibiting new paintings at he Melbourne Art Fair later this month.

Paintings from Suggestivism

Paintings from, Suggestivism

The following paintings are from an upcoming exhibition called, Suggestivism — which’s been curator by  Nathan Spoor and will be returning for another run in the Los Angeles area. via [arrestedmotion.com]

Jennifer Packer – Paintings

Jennifer Packer - Paintings

Jennifer Packer went to Yale University’s School of Art. She’s been exhibited all over and was awarded the Rema Hort Mann Foundation Grant. She uses live subjects who graciously pose for long periods of time while she works.