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American Photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia

American Photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia

American photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia’s work is defined by the simplicity of his composition and his willingness to challenge paradigms. Philip-Lorca diCorcia stepped on to the American art scene after studying Photography in Boston and graduating from Yale. His unique style and mix of fiction and reality quickly caught the...

Surreal Artwork from Patrick Gonzales


Patrick Gonzales is a painter, photographer and digital artist. His surreal artwork is a combination of memories, dreams and fantasy. Gonzales, who lives in France, began painting when he was 15. He started by recreating the paintings of others while slowly developing his own style.

Marwane Pallas’ Photography

Marwane Pallas' Photography

Marwane Pallas‘ crisp, rich photograph is often about impulses and private desires. At the early age of 3, Pallas felt a strong inclination for visual art, filling binders with drawings and paintings, which were approved of by his parents despite their sometime graphic themes. The passion for photography came later, with the first digital...

Joan Fontcuberta’s Supernatural Photography

Joan Fontcuberta's Supernatural Photography

The Guardian arts section ran a story about Joan Fontcuberta a bit ago, publicizing a current photography exhibition called, Stranger Than Fiction —  the artist’s first in Britain. Fontcuberta’s exhibition features hoax photos — a series of photos showing supernatural events and exotic, mythical animals…which...