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Don Gummer – Sculpture

 DON GUMMER – CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS SERIES To many, Don Gummer is simply ‘that man who accompanies Meryl Streep to premieres. Whatshisname. Thingie.’ In other words, Ms Streep’s husband. To all appearances, he’s her wingman, her support, and she has in the past been described as his ‘trophy wife.’ Yet Gummer has a name, an identity...

Christina Bothwell – Sculpture

Christina Bothwell’s sculptures are made from mostly glass and clay fashioned with found objects. Her surreal pieces have an otherworldly feel, with an underlying sense of vulnerability (which the artist seeks to inject). If Bothwell’s sculptures have the sense of a well staged painting, it’s probably because she studied...

Kate Mccgwire – Feather Sculpture

Kate Mccgwire’ feather sculptures are made up of thousands of individual feathers. These two flowing pieces, which are on display at ‘saint mary in the castle’ in England, are made with pigeon and magpie feathers which have been humanely procured. via [designboom.com]  

Sayaka Ganz – Sculpture

Sayaka Ganz’s goal is for her inspirational art is to transmit a message of hope. Ganz, who grew up in Japan, hopes to impart a sense of harmony in her animal sculptures, which are constructed completely out of post consumer plastic.

Joseph Walsh – Sculpture

Joseph Walsh is an Irish designer who does lots of amazing furniture pieces. For an exhibition at the New Art Centre in Wiltshire, England, Walsh’s studio created the sculpture below – the largest piece of art they’ve every produced. The instillation is made out of layers of ash wood, and is called, Magnus Celestii (latin for...

Sibylle Peretti – Sculpture

Award winning artist, Sibylle Peretti splits time between New Orleans and Cologne Germany. She started out doing traditional glass-making before studying sculpture at university – now she combines the two. Peretti uses children in order to contrast their innocents with the more harsher aspects of life: isolation, adversity, disease, etc...

Paramodel – Site Installation

This collaborative site instillation in Japan was created by an art group named, Paramodel. The piece consists of plastic train tracks and other toys – and you can check out more pics on their tumbler page.   via joquz.com