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Meredith Dittmar – Sculpture

Portland based Meredith Dittmar grew up on a farm, majored in computer science, and now she’s a super talented artist. These shots are from a project called, “The Tangled Truth: Mayhem in the Mystery”, and it is created out of polymer clay. via beautifuldecay.com

Breaking Waves Project – Sculpture

This giant sculpture of moving orbs was created by the a collaboration between robotics firms, physicists and all sorts of artists. The Breaking Waves project is on display at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences’ Nature Research Center. “Suspended from 36 motorized rollers which move along the contours of a massive steel cam to...

Asya Kozina – Sculpture

Ukrainian artist,  Asya Kozina‘s paper sculptures are inspired by the different ethnic wedding dresses from the area where she lives. They are in part meant to reinvigorate the tradition of the ethnic wedding dress, a custom which is slowly dying out.  

John Grade – Sculpture

Artist, John Grade‘s inspiring sculptures are generally built from natural materials like wood, plant based resins, or clay. The works are not just about the sculptures themselves, but also about the process of their eventual decay.    modern artists, sculpture via emptykingdom.com

Jim Lambie – Sculpture

One of Scotland’s finest, artist, Jim Lambie, has an ongoing exhibition at the Fruitmarket Gallery. His eye-catching and colorful floor sculptures consist of lines made from different colors of vinyl tape. We take a look at the Fruitmarket exhibition, as well as a few of his different installations form over the years.       

Suzan Drummen – Sculpture

Today on Artists Inspire Artists, we take a look at what Suzan Drummen‘s been up to. Her site installations are made from crystal, precious stones, small pieces of metal, mirrors and glass. Drummen tries to give her art both a sense of attraction and repulsion – “from a distance they appear clear and orderly, yet upon closer...

Jen Starks – Sculptures

Jen Starks - Sculptures

Jen Starks’ sculptures sometimes take months to create.  She does everything by hand, building up the sculptures with layers and layers of paper. She wears mittens otherwise her fingers start hurting.   via [studio360.org]   

Ben Young — Sculptures

Artist Ben Young was born in New Zealand and now lives in Sydney. He is a self-taught and has been making his glass sculpture for over 10 years. They were inspired by his time spent surfing. “I work with 2D shapes and have to figure out how to translate that into a 3D finished product. Sometimes my start point changes dramatically as shapes...