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7 sculptures by Bernini that earned him his fame

By the age of ten, Gian Lorenzo Bernini had garnered so much attention for his talent, he was presented to the Pope in Rome. And on seeing the young prodigy draw in his presence, the Pope declared Bernini would grow up to become the Michelangelo of his age. Maybe it was a tall claim to make for a boy of ten but ultimately one Bernini would live up...

Sculptures showered in light by Qiu Minye

Chinese photographer Qiu Minye bathes his sculptures in sparks of light. The blue and purple toned pieces are showered with sparks that follow the silhouette of the forms and leave luminous trails as they bounce to the floor. In doing so, Minye alters the recognizable form into delicate and transparent shapes of animals, humans, and abstract...

Sculptures of flowing calligraphy by Zheng Lu

Chinese artist Zheng Lu creates gravity defying sculptures of calligraphy in motion. His giant stainless steel works are an amalgamation of thousands of Chinese characters coming together into one fluid mass in a harmony between calligraphy and motion. Lu begins each sculpture with a plaster base on which he adheres thousands of laser-cut Chinese...

Ornate sculptures made of bone by John Paul Azzopardi

Maltese artist John Paul Azzopardi creates hauntingly dark sculptures constructed from bones. At once, they have a classically gothic and modern design. The bones themselves create intricate curlicue shapes with a highly crafted look. Included in his works are animal skulls, bats, axe-wielding men from mythological stories, and menacing...

Sculptures by Gosia

These delicate sculptures were made by Gosia – an artist originally from Poland, who currently lives in Canada. Gosia’s sculptures will be on display at the  Marcus Gallery in Southern California coming up in the middle of November.

Michael Mapes – Collage Sculptures

The great thing about American artist, Michael Mapes‘ collage sculptures is that they provide two distinct visual experiences – when you stand back you get the larger picture, the grand portrait – and when you get up close, you get lost in all the intricacies of the individual, tiny objects making up piece. 

Jen Starks – Sculptures

Jen Starks - Sculptures

Jen Starks’ sculptures sometimes take months to create.  She does everything by hand, building up the sculptures with layers and layers of paper. She wears mittens otherwise her fingers start hurting.   via [studio360.org]