Artist Kerstin Bratsch

German artist, Kerstin Bratsch, a graduate of the Columbia University School of the Arts, uses what she calls a “marbling technique” to create the effect seen in the pieces below.

” I describe the marblings as being made by dropping a drop of ink from high–the height determines the width of the mark […] I drop the glass marble, I shatter the glass, so to say, into a marbling technique. I want to break apart the brush stroke, so it is only natural that to shatter it I must drop it, and so to drop it I must literally drop a drop of paint.”

Artist Kerstin Bratsch DSC4492_Mark-Woods_20140616-19-20_GBE_Braetsch-600x900 DSC4967_Mark-Woods_20140616-19-20_GBE_Braetsch-800x533 DSC4989_Mark-Woods_20140616-19-20_GBE_Braetsch-800x533 DSC5004_Mark-Woods_20140616-19-20_GBE_Braetsch-800x533 DSC5024_Mark-Woods_20140616-19-20_GBE_Braetsch-800x533 DSC5038_Mark-Woods_20140616-19-20_GBE_Braetsch-800x533 DSC5062_Mark-Woods_20140616-19-20_GBE_Braetsch-800x533 DSC6157_Mark-Woods_20140616-19-20_GBE_Braetsch-466x700

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