Julie Sarloutte – Embroidery

Have a look at French artist, Julie Sarloutte ‘s colorful portraits done with embroidery. Julie says doing “la broderie” is a way for her to escape her hectic, every day world and to lose her self in creating art.   

SAMSUNG DIGITAL MOVIEJulie Sarloutte - Embroidery tumblr_inline_mt4kxgG1Cx1rhcjeg tumblr_inline_mt6i8wmppl1rhcjeg  tumblr_inline_n1v1zz22ma1rhcjeg tumblr_inline_n7vgr143Th1rhcjeg tumblr_n7bpb69xNm1qccpz7o1_500 tumblr_n7bpb69xNm1qccpz7o2_500 tumblr_n7bpb69xNm1qccpz7o3_500 SAMSUNG DIGITAL MOVIE tumblr_n7bpb69xNm1qccpz7o5_500


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