The other-worldly art of Tim Furey

My name is Tim Furey.  I am an American artist living and working in southern New Jersey.  My work is composed of textures, shapes, neon colors, holographic sticker paper, Atari game manuals, construction paper…etc.  I use any material available to create meaning in the context of my artwork.  There is no formula for what I do. The representation of the idea is developed as I work. This process of keeping an open-mind in my pursuit of this intangible idea helps to create psychedelically hued interiors, other-worldly dioramas, and narratives that hint at a story without giving away the plot. Exploring dynamic shifts in color, texture, or perspective creates uneasiness in terms of special relationship.qInterior_Kinetic_Algorithm_detail_4_The dioramas on my website are examples of fully realized alien rooms.  These 3D interior spaces explore the evolution of my 2D work.  Interior design from another dimension/planet is the overall theme of the dioramas.  I want to create a place that is easily understood at first glance but unfolds into a strange parallel of our own domestic spaces.  When committed to this idea, a story emerges through the relationships between unusual objects that are meant to hint at a culture similar to our own.  The alien civilization shares mankind’s need to display souvenirs, exhibit artwork, and present floral arrangements thus personalizing their living quarters. Beta_Disruption_Pocket_all_ X_Particle_Showroom_all_ Library_of_X24_Cluster_relics_all_ Quazon_Playroom_44X_all_

The titles of my pieces are another example of my interest in communicating something familiar and foreign at the same time.  I mix and match different scientific terminology to invite the viewer into something other-worldly.  The naming process is an extension of the creation of the artwork in that I choose words that challenge the ideas of their original meaning. I feel that the titles are an opportunity for me to invite the viewer into something highly futuristic but very nonsensical.

Artists, like scientists are working at the edge of the search for new dimensions and my work is an attempt to visualize that next dimension. In the words of Carl Sagan, “Imagination will often carry  us to worlds that never were.”Axiom_Science_Fair_web_ Beta_Arcade_Warehouse_website_ Game_Room_Mainframe_web_ Illogical_Reality_Sector_web_ Photon_Analysis_Computer_web_ Quantum_Computer_Tournament_web_ Snack_Room_Sector_B8_web_ Transdimensional_Rock_Samples_web_ Zinorb_Museum_of_Alien_Flora_2_web_